NOTICE: Memberships Currently Capped

The BSCC Board has capped membership at the current level of 385 members. All those requesting membership are now placed on a waiting list.

Prospective New Annual Members/ Wait List Information
If you would like to be placed on the wait list for an annual membership, e-mail the membership chair ( with your contact information (name, e-mail, address, cell phone).  We will place your information on file and notify you of your place in the queue.

When a spot opens, we will contact you and invite you to submit an application for annual membership.

Annual dues are $100, regardless of when you join during the year (no pro-rated memberships). Memberships cover all members of the family living in the same household.

Current Annual Members
All current annual members have the opportunity to renew their membership without losing their spot through February 1 each year. In December each year, current members will receive a dues invoice and renewal forms by e-mail. Upon receipt of your dues and membership form, you will receive your membership card and gate combination. We do not have membership forms posted on the public website; forms are available only from the membership chair.

After February 1, un-renewed memberships become available to those on the wait list. They will receive the invitation to join and fill open spots on a first-come, first-served basis. Once the cap is reached, all additional individuals requesting membership (un-renewed members or new-member applicants) are placed on the waiting list.

Life Members
All fully-paid life (FPL) members who remain active – by updating their membership information and contributing time/talents to the club (volunteer, donation, participation, leadership, etc) at least once every three years will receive their membership card and gate combination each December by mail. All members must have a liability waiver of file.  The membership director will notify you with the notice to update your information each December.

All partially paid life (PPL) members will receive a dues invoice and renewal form by e-mail each December. You will receive your membership card and gate combination upon receipt of your dues and membership form.

The Club has a limited number of PPL life memberships open, which are available to current annual members (only). Once available PPL positions are filled, additional requests are placed on a life membership wait list.



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