Archery Range

Archery Range Details

  • Located 1/2 mile west of the clubhouse
  • Features a 20′ high tower and ground-level shooting that allows the archers to practice a variety of shots at 2-D and 3-D targets. A shooting bag is also available for practice
  • The range is open to all members and their guests (see BSCC Guest Policy) for a majority of the year but is closed when the road becomes impassable due to snow or mud conditions
  • During periods of the year when access to the Archery Range is not possible, archery targets will be placed in the vicinity of the main facility gate

Archery-Specific Rules

  • All shooters must abide by the general club rules as well as the additional archery specific rules below
  • Always inspect your equipment before use for any damage to the bow, string, arrows, or other archery gear. Damaged arrows can break, shatter or veer off course when shot and injure the shooter or other archers. Do not shoot arrows with broken nocks or missing fletching as their flight can be adversely altered.
  • Never pull back and release a bowstring (dry-fire) without an arrow attached. This could damage the bow or injure the archer
  • Do not shoot arrows equipped with a broadhead at any of the BSCC targets. Shooters may use broadheads with their own targets
  • The use of firearms, air-rifles, and cross bows is prohibited on the archery range and at 3-D events
    • However, if a member provides his or her own targets and target butts, cross bows are permitted to be shot at the Archery Range
    • The BSCC Board, at its discretion, may authorize the use of the Archery Range for specific activities that involve firearms, such as Sporting Clays. During these scheduled events the Archery Range will be closed for archery.
  • Shoot at the target only when you are completely sure no one is in danger of being struck. If you’re not sure, take a closer look. If you’re still not sure, do not shoot.
  • Retrieve your arrow only when everyone in your party has finished shooting and the signal is given to make the retrieve
    • Only one person at a time should withdraw their arrows from the target
    • When removing arrows from the target, make sure nobody is standing in front of the target or in the way of the withdrawn arrows
  • Nock an arrow only when it is your turn to shoot and you are positioned at the shooting stake

3D Archery Shoots

  • The BSCC puts on one or more 3-D Archery Shoots each year which are open to Club members and to the public. The shoots are two-day events that feature 3-D targets, generally 30 or more, spread over a designated course. It takes approximately two hours to shoot the entire course. The 3-D Archery shoots generally include special or novelty events for youth and adults.
  • Watch the upcoming events page, as well as the calendar, for more specific dates
  • Youth may participate in 3-D shoots under the supervision of an adult
  • All participants must complete a Guest Waiver of Liability, available at check in or at the Clubhouse


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