Facility and Range Rules

General Club Facility and Range Rules

  1. The Main Gate must be closed and locked at all times
    • Members should lock the gate behind themselves on entry and departure
  2. During Club-authorized activities — such as meetings, sporting clays shoots, picnics, special events, and scheduled maintenance – the Main Gate may be left open for the duration of that activity.
    Upon completion of the specific activity, the Main Gate must be locked.
  3. Members must never give the lock combination to non-members
  4. The calendar on the BSCC website (bscconline.com) shall be the official source of information regarding range closures for maintenance and special events
  5. Shooting hours are from 9:00 AM until sunset
  6. All shooting must be done in the safest possible manner. In particular:
    • Eye and ear protection required for all persons on or near the firing line
    • Rifles and pistols must be fired downrange so that all bullets are contained in a Club-constructed backstop (backer)
    • Shooters must use only properly mounted paper targets on a Club-constructed backer, or shoot at Club-installed metal gongs
      • Targets must be posted such that bullet strikes do not impact the backer-board support posts
      • All targets – even if still re-useable – must be removed from backer boards after shooting
    • Shooters may not mount targets on barrier walls, or on improvised stands, boxes, or frames
      • Short-range shooting at the pistol range may be done by the shooter moving closer to the backer
    • Shotguns may be shot at clay targets using shot size not larger than # 7 ½
      • The only exception is that shotguns using larger than # 7 ½ pellets are permitted at a patterning target on the 50-yard rifle backer, or at the patterning plate located near the DIY clay pigeon shotgun range
    • Shotguns using slugs or sabots are considered centerfire rifles and may only be shot at the Rifle Range
    • No use of any other type of targets, such as reactive targets, exploding target media (e.g., Tannerite) metal spinners, balloons, metal animal silhouettes, poppers, etc., without prior Board of Directors approval
    • All scopes – including guns with bore-mounted scopes – should be sighted in at the 50-yard backer first
  7. All firearms shall be unloaded, both chamber and magazine, when not in use.
    Additionally firearms shall be made safe in one of the following manners:

    • Rifles with bolts open or removed on the bench, or placed in racks with actions open
    • Handguns on the bench with slides locked back and magazines removed or actions open
    • Shotguns unloaded and placed in racks. If racks are not available, shotguns must unloaded, carried with muzzle pointed up or down, and action locked open or “broken.”
  8. No firearm shall be handled or loaded while personnel are downrange
  9. Rifles are not permitted on the Pistol Range
    • The only exceptions are that .22 rimfire rifles and compressed air powered rifles may be shot on the Pistol Range
  10. The following are prohibited without prior approval from the Board of Directors:
    • Fully automatic or burst-fire firearms
    • Large caliber, military cartridges such as the 50 BMG
    • Steel-core ammunition – if in doubt please use a magnet to check your ammo for steel-core bullets
    • Reactive targets and exploding target media (e.g., Tannerite)
  11. Commissioned peace officers and Minnesota handgun licensees may carry a loaded handgun on BSCC property, but the handgun shall not be removed from its holster. If the peace officer or handgun licensee wishes to use his handgun then he must comply with all Range Rules.
  12. Alcoholic beverages may be consumed only at or in the direct vicinity of the clubhouse.
    Shooting is prohibited after any consumption of alcohol.
  13. No animals, including predators, may be shot, trapped, or otherwise injured or killed without approval of the Board
  14. There shall be no wanton destruction or abuse of Club property
    • Shooters must remove their targets when done shooting
    • Use the garbage cans at the range for small items
    • Flatten all cardboard and either haul out or place in garbage
    • Remove all brass and shot shells from the ground
    • Use the recycle bins on the porch for plastic, aluminum, and glass
  15. Firearms and compressed air guns shall not be used on nature trails or in the campground facilities
  16. All members, family and guests must conduct themselves in a safe, courteous, responsible manner.
    Be Minnesota nice.
  17. Visitors and guests must follow the BSCC Guest Policy. Members are responsible for their guests.
    • All guests are required to complete a waiver and submit a $10 guest fee
    • Waiver forms and guest fee envelopes available at the Rifle Range
  18. The Board of Directors may be petitioned for variances to the above rules
  19. Failure to comply with the above rules without a Board variance may result in disciplinary action including possible loss of Club membership
  20. The Club does not employ formal range officers. Therefore it is the duty of every member and guest to ensure that all activities are conducted in the safest possible manner, following all BSCC rules and policies.
  21. Short-term camping is allowed in the designated camping area.
    Approval must be received from the Director of Special Events and Security before setting up camp.


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