Sporting Clays


BSCC Sporting Clays are open to club members and the public is very welcome. Cost for a round of 50 clay pigeons is $12.00 for BSCC members and $15.00 for non-members. Youth (17 years old and younger) or individuals 18 years of age or older participating in High School or other youth shooting programs will cost $7.00.

We shoot a 10-station walking course in a beautiful setting that changes every week. Shooters may shoot each station as singles, report pairs, or true pairs based upon their skill and preference. Upon occasion, we will shoot 5-stand and flurries.

Sporting Clays goals include sharpening our shooting skills, camaraderie, and safety. We welcome beginners, and design the course so that the shots are not too hard or too easy for the average shooter. The more skilled shooters that join us are always willing to share their knowledge and experience. Many of our shooters reload their ammunition and can introduce other shooters to this enjoyable pastime. After the shoot we meet at the clubhouse to share snacks, refreshments, and stories.


2016 Check out the 2016 Sporting Clays Flyer

For 2017, Sporting Clays will be shot on the following schedules:

    • The Spring/Summer/Fall schedule includes all Thursdays from 5:00 pm to 7:00pm.
  May 1 through Mid September (weather pending).
    • Shooting squads assemble at 5:00 pm or shortly before. Late arriving shooters will be accommodated until 6:15 pm. Every effort will be made to shoot on each of these dates, weather permitting.
    • Food and refreshments are available at a nominal cost on the 3rd shoot each month.
    • Each shooter will be assigned to a squad of 3-6 shooters. It will take approximately two hours to complete the ten-station course.
    • Extreme heat or cold weather is being handled by a shortened course which still offers the same shooting opportunities but less walking.
    • Shooters should come with hearing protection, eye protection (sunglasses are sometimes needed), their gun, at least 50 rounds of ammunition (a couple of spare rounds are useful in case of misfires) and a shooting vest or ammunition bag to gather their spent hulls.
    • New shooters are always welcome. Please identify yourself as a new shooter to the Range Captain(s) so you can be assigned to a squad with some experienced shooters. Our goal is for everyone to be safe and have fun.
    • Shooters age 16 and under must show Firearm Safety Certificate to shoot.

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Sporting Clay Safety Rules

Hearing Protection

  • Required for all shooters.
  • Temporary hearing protection is available in the box at the rifle shooting building.

Eye Protection

  • Every shooter is strongly encouraged to use eye protection.
  • Protective glasses are available in the box at the rifle shooting building.
  • Be sure to return the glasses to the box after using.

Loading Gun

  • Do not load gun until you are in the shooting station and it is your turn to shoot.

Muzzle of Gun

  • Always keep the muzzle of your gun pointed in a safe manner.
  • Remember to treat all guns as loaded at all times.
  • You will be asked to leave if you swing or point your gun in an unsafe manner.

Action Open

  • Always carry your gun with action open.
  • Close the action only when you are on the shooting line then open it immediately again when you finish shooting.
  • Break (hinge) action shotguns may be closed for storage in a rack but must be opened immediately upon removal from the rack.

Keep Guns Racked

  • All shooters are required to place their gun in the rack while awaiting their turn to shoot or after completing their turn.
  • Do not remove your gun until the other shooter has completed shooting.

Target Loads Only

  • Only target loads with shot sizes of 7 ½, 8, or 9 shot, and loads of 1-1/8thounce or smaller are permitted.

Number of Loaded Shells

  • Never load more shells than needed for the target presentation.
  • For one clay target, load one shell.
  • Never load more than two shells for double or trailing-pairs clay targets.

One Shooter Per Station

  • Only one person may shoot per station.

Shoot At Your Own Risk

  • All shooters participate at their own risk.
  • The Byron Sportsmen and Conservation Club is not responsible or liable for any injury or death that may result your participation in Sporting Clays or from the use of the Club property and facilities.


Sporting Clay Rules of Conduct

  • Any shooter displaying negligence for the safety of others or themselves will immediately be ejected from the grounds and excluded from any future Sporting Clays activities.
  • Be certain to position yourself safely behind the shooter at all times.
  • The only time a shotgun will be loaded is when the shooter is actually at the station and ready for his/her turn to shoot.
  • At no time will a shooter load more than two shells in the gun.
  • Should you experience an ammunition or gun malfunction, keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction until the firearm is rendered safe.
  • Rods are provided at the gun racks to unplug barrels that may have an obstruction after a “dud” or “blooper” load.
  • Never turn around toward others when on station with a loaded gun.
  • Before leaving the station, shooters will ensure that the gun is unloaded and the action is open.
  • Practice swings behind any station are not allowed.
  • The largest shotgun ammunition allowed is 12 gauge 2 ¾ inch length, 7 ½ shot size and 1 1/8 ounce loads. No magnum or hunting loads allowed due to noise factor.
  • Never handle another shooter’s gun without permission.
  • No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the shooting range at any time.
  • Any person impaired by alcohol, drugs or an illegal substance is strictly prohibited from shooting.
  • All persons are expected to cooperate with the Club rules and the Range Captain’s directives. Any person refusing to cooperate with these rules will be prohibited from shooting the current and future events.
  • The shooting of any bird or animal on the Club property is prohibited.
  • Please pick-up your empty hulls after shooting and bring them home with you.

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