Thank you for visiting the Byron Sportsmen and Conservation Club.

We are located in Byron, Minnesota and provide sporting enthusiasts with a large variety of activities.

Our Club’s Mission: To provide men and women with a beautiful, safe, and congenial family facility for shooting, archery, fishing, camping, and other outdoor activities.

Upcoming Events and Announcements

  1. Sporting Clays cancelled on 3/26.  Spring Sporting Clays will start Thursday May 4th, weather pending.
  2. A new archery target, XXL Morels Bag Target, has been set in the yard just inside the game. Enjoy some winter archery practice opportunities.
  3. New Membership Update – Revised 12.17.2016.  Click here to read it. 
  4. Always rely on the calendar Closed Range Notices

PO Box 592, Byron, MN 55920